About US


Hello, we're the Waltons! A little family exploring this big world! We love discovering new places and experiencing new things and we love sharing what we learn along the way. Our goals for 2018 are to connect with more people as we travel and spread more happiness and good vibes through social media. You can learn a bit more about us below! Thanks for stopping by!

- The Walton Adventure

about The Waltons:

  • Mike & Carly met at a rock climbing gym in Scottsdale, Arizona. It was love at first sight... for Mike anyway

  • After they dated for a while and both fell in love, they got married in 2015

  • Whitney joined the party in 2017

  • They down-sized and moved out of their place a few months later so they could work on the road and explore the world with their new daughter

  • They love visiting new places and meeting new people and feel there is always something valuable to learn from the people they meet

  • They love getting out of their comfort zone, like when they jumped off a huge cliff backwards in New Zealand

  • They feel time outdoors is time well spent

  • They don't live outdoors though, they're not hippies



  • He's a professional photographer

  • He grew up in Vancouver, Canada

  • He loves teaching and sharing his photo knowledge

  • His not-so-secret dream is to shoot for National Geographic

  • After he graduated from BYU-Idaho, he taught university courses on social media, marketing, and outdoor photography

  • He loves all things adventure including canyoneering, mountaineering, storm chasing, off roading, and spelunking (if you cared, he could probably tell you some crazy stories, like the time his group got lost during a cave expedition for more than 12 hrs)

  • He loves trail running, specifically running down mountains. He ran from one rim of the Grand Canyon to the other in 5 hrs 43 mins and he holds a course record on Strava for running down a popular mountain in Arizona

  • He'd rather have a cabin in the mountains than a house on a beach

  • He'd like a house on a beach as a second home

  • He smiles the most when he is with his wife and daughter, or when he gets an amazing photo

  • He loves fresh squeezed grapefruit juice, audiobooks, TED talks, and candy. Delicious sugary candy

  • His top two places he's ever visited are Wadi Rum in Jordan, and Milford Sound in New Zealand

  • He believes that everyone deserves access to education, should use technology for good, and shouldn't use the word "comfy" if they're older than 18


about Carly

  • She is a pianist, online piano teacher, and online instructor

  • She graduated from Berkelee College of Music in Boston

  • She's volunteered for multiple nonprofits and been on several volunteer trips to India, Tonga, Belize and Fiji

  • She lived in China for 10 months while teaching English

  • She served an LDS mission to Temple Square, in Salt Lake City

  • She loves card games and will destroy you in card matching games like Nertz, Pounce or Racing Demon. She dares you to try

  • She LOVES being a mother

  • She smiles the most when she's spending time with her little family or when Whitney does something really cute, which is pretty much all the stinking time

  • She likes Hallmark movies, even though she knows they are the exact same formula, EVERY SINGLE TIME

  • She loves chocolate, fresh pineapple, strategy games, good friends, doing yoga, working out, watching movies with her husband, and seaweed

  • Her top 2 places she's ever visited are The Great Wall in China, and the Taj Mahal in India

  • She believes success takes hard work and that it's okay for fully-grown adults to say "comfy"


about Whitney

  • She is an extremely active little girl; started crawling at 5 months and walking at 8
  • She is a little chatterbox right now, making the cutest nonsensical noises (Jan 2018)
  • Her teeth are coming in so fast; she has 7 little teeth right now... wait a sec, there's another one... she has 8 now! (Jan 2018)
  • She is most happy when she is outside
  • She should have a warning label that reads: "Danger! Melts hearts!"
  • She's really in to cabinets, closets, drawers, backpacks, purses or anything else she can pull stuff out of
  • She is very curious and very determined which can be very challenging at times
  • She loves her  Jelly Cat bunny rabbit and her Sophie the Giraffe
  • She smiles the most when her Dad is chasing her or when her Mom is singing songs with her
  • Her favorite place in probably the bathtub (Jan 2018)
  • She is the most chill in her stroller, which is ironic because she's never chill any other time
  • She believes in good food and that cabinets should not have those annoying child protection lock thingies