Sedona | Arizona

Sedona is a quick two hour drive north of Phoenix and a beautiful place for hiking, camping, and exploring. How did I grow up in Arizona and never visit this place? Our first visit here was last July and we couldn't believe how beautiful it was, we knew we would have to come back soon! We met people who were visiting from all over the world to see the red rocks, slide rock park, hiking trails, and more. How was it that this was our first time? It's amazing the places you'll find so close to home. 

This trip we decided to head up with our good friends Yo and Tanner. We left in the evening and drove most of the way. We ended up finding a decent campground to spend the night. We shared stories and visited around the fire and got to bed around 1AM. Mike and I had foam sleeping pads that were basically paper thin so we didn't get a ton of sleep that night! I can blame some of that on my pregnancy though... Your hips start hurting when you can only sleep on your side! Maybe I'm just not a great camper? We will have to work on that. The next day completely made up for any discomfort that night. 


This is Tanner, we like him. 

View from Oak Creek Vista. A miniature Zion National Park! 

Exploring West Fork Oak Creek Trail 

This trail is one of the most visited trails in Sedona and in all of Arizona. The hiking trail winds in and around the beautiful canyon and next to a variety of rock formations. Even though the day we visited was near the end of the season the fall colors were still brilliant. There were lots of people out enjoying the beautiful weather and trail. We love Sedona! 

Until next time Sedona!