Brand New Baby | Esther Allen

Some of our closest friends in Arizona, Bryce and Elizabeth Allen, just had their first child. We joke that we are following them in life's big events. We got engaged a few months after them, married a few months after them, now we will be having our first child a few months after them. Works out great for us! 

We were so excited to visit them in the hospital after Esther arrived. There is something so sweet those first few hours with a newborn. They are so fresh and new. Mike had only seen a newborn in the hospital once before and he was five when that happened.. so this was a new experience for him. We loved visiting with them about their delivery and birth story. We were both so interested in every single detail, anything to give us an idea for what it will be like! (Even though we know everyone has a very different story). We loved watching Bryce hold Esther and seeing him in this new role as a Father. And we were so impressed/touched with how well Elizabeth was recovering and enjoying her sweet new baby. 

We love baby Esther and can't wait for her to have a little friend!