Christmas Day | Round Two

Two days after Christmas we had all of the family together for our gift exchange round two! We were finally all together and excited to have a few more gifts to exchange. 

Here I am right before opening our much needed new crockpot! Great gift from David and Mary. 

Mary and David were each given a new Fitbit! They have never used fitness trackers before so these were perfect gifts for them. As far as we have heard they are LOVING them so far.  

Chris and Lisa and Dan and Sarah gifted all of the Walton siblings a 2015 Walton Family Book. Amy puts these together each year with highlights from the year and they are gifted around mothers day. Well, all of the siblings opened their own copy of this book for Christmas and two of the books ended up being totally the wrong family book! Somehow the printer got them mixed up with other books.. this is Sarah's and Amy's reaction to Amy's book. We learned a lot about some other family. So funny!!