We Never Wanted to Leave | Queenstown, NZ

Queenstown was our second stop during our New Zealand road trip. It took us 3.5 hours to drive get here from Mount Cook National Park. You could spend an entire vacation just driving around New Zealand because everywhere you go is insanely beautiful. We are loving our Traveller's Autobarn rental! We rented a van and now think we might be mini van owners some day because of all the space in the back, it makes moving from place to place a breeze. 

We arrived in Queenstown ready for some adventure after hearing that Queenstown was the place to go for bungy jumping, skydiving, luging, rafting, and more. We had know idea that the Airbnb we had booked would have a view that made us never want to leave! Can we make this place our new home? WOW. Seriously, jaw dropping views. This 5 bedroom place had classy decorating, heated mattresses, and views to die for. We loved it! Our 4 nights here were so dreamy! It made us really want to move to New Zealand, maybe once we are finished traveling the world we will come back and stay. 

We think it's really important to stay in places where you feel comfortable, safe, and happy. Since we are on the road full-time now we like to feel like we are "settled" for a few days. We love Airbnb for this reason, they are easy to book and we've never had any issues finding one to fit our exact needs. We especially love having a full kitchen so we can get groceries and make all of our meals at home. It was nice to have a large living room where we could relax and watch a movie together just like we would at home. Such a great 4 days spent here!!