Fox Glacier Hut Airbnb | New Zealand

We just about died over how perfect this Airbnb in New Zealand was! It was a cute trailer that had been completely redecorated on the interior. Everything went together perfectly and even though it was teeny tiny it was so fun to stay in here! One of the nights it just rained all night and we were perfectly warm and cozy in our little hut. 

Whitney loves playing on the bed in all of the places that we go. She crawls and stands and gets quite excited when we finally get her out of her carseat and let her crawl around. You can't help but smile at her cute little face. Traveling with a baby makes everything more fun! 

The hut that we stayed in was near Fox Glacier in New Zealand. The little town just has a few hotels and a small village. It kind of in the middle of no where but has some of the most beautiful scenery that we've seen in New Zealand. Gosh New Zealand is beyond incredible. There are endless places to explore and photography, we are in LOVE with this place! We have to come back and live here someday. There's is not enough time to see it all! 

Here is the Airbnb we stayed in!