Split Apple Rock Beach | New Zealand

These gorgeous black and golden sand beaches can be found along the coast of New Zealand near Abel Tasman National Park. We stayed in this area for 5 nights at Edens Edge Lodge and had a wonderful time exploring. 

We went for a drive here one evening an had so much fun exploring this part of the coast and playing with Whitney in the sand and water. We have heard that you can often spot penguins from here and for a moment we thought that we had seen some! Turned out just to be some cute tiny birds out on the rock... maybe next time we will see them! 

The South Island of New Zealand is just beautiful. This part of the island has everything! Mountains, streams, ocean, beaches, valleys... it is every outdoor enthusiasts dream to spend time here. We hope to go back soon so that we can spend more time in the Abel Tasman region. It is a beautiful place with endless photo opportunities!