Abel Tasman National Park | New Zealand

We could road trip here for a year and still not have enough time to explore the beauty of the south island! We are continually amazed at the diverse landscape and amazing views. Before we ever got here we had lots of tips on where we should visit on the south island. A few of those places were Queenstown, Milford Sound, Mt. Cook, and Abel Tasman. People would say that Abel Tasman National Park had the most incredible coastal track with miles and miles of untouched beaches and waterfalls. Most of the places we visited in New Zealand were near the south side of the Island so we didn't have plans to make it up to the northern coast. However after looking up images and talking to a few locals we just knew we had to go! This was our last stop and we were so glad we made the trip to the north side of the island!

Abel Tasman National Park is known for it's golden sandy beaches, granite cliffs, and mild climate. The coastal track is 51km long and can be hiked in 3-5 days staying in huts and camping along the way (Mike and I will have to go back and do that). The track is accessible via water taxi or through the town of Marahau. The portion of the track that we did was from Medlands Beach to Anchorage (see map below). We underestimated how long it would take us to hike this section and barely made it in time to take the water taxi back. That's what happens when you travel with a baby and a photographer! Here is a map to give you an idea of how long the coastal track is.

Screen Shot 2017-11-11 at 4.03.00 PM.png

We had so much fun exploring this small section of the track. The forest was green and lush and the trail almost empty of other hikers. We really loved the beautiful swing bridge located near Medlands. This was also where Mike's drone crashed! He did end up retrieving it but it was scary for a little while. So some good memories, some not so good... 

We booked our ride in and our through Wilson's Abel Tasman. They also offer guided tours, cruises, and kayaking.