Thousands of Waterfalls! | Milford Sound, NZ

 It's hard to choose a favorite place in New Zealand. This road trip has proven to us the New Zealand truly is one of the most beautiful places in the world. 

Mistaken as a "sound", Milford Sound is actually a Fiord, or a glacier carved mountain. It's hard to imagine how many thousands of years it would take for a glaciers to carve out these steep cliffs! Truly remarkable! Known as one of the wettest regions in the world Milford Sound receives and average of 6,412 mm (252 in) of rain per year. That's a lot of rain. For comparison Phoenix receives an average of 8 inches per year and Seattle 37. That's crazy! We were lucky enough to be here on a wet and rainy day which meant we had spectacular views of the waterfalls. 

During out 90 minute cruise we saw seabirds, seals, penguins, and hundreds of waterfalls. Literally hundreds of them! The captain of the ship took us underneath one of the largest waterfalls and Mike went out on the deck for that experience. He got a little wet... (see video below). 

When we visit again we will be sure to spend an entire day exploring the area along the drive to Milford Sound! We didn't have enough time during this trip and ended up passing so many side trips to waterfalls and beautiful views. That was disappointing! There is so much to see! 


The jackets you see us wearing are from the outerwear apparel company Westcomb. 

Our boat Cruise in Milford Sound was with Juicy Cruise and Cruise Milford NZ, Both were fantastic! 

Our lodging in the town of Te Anau was at Loch Vista, a beautiful lodge in the countryside.