Our First Stop in Australia | Wilsons Promontory

We are in Australia! This is our first time to this gigantic country and we are feeling excited about exploring a small piece of the coast for the next two weeks. We have a good sized camper van from Travellers Autobarn and can't wait to see how our little family fairs in it! 

We picked up the vehicle in Melbourne and pulled out our WikiCamps App to choose our first place to camp. There where literally dozens of campsites that popped up on the map. The sun was setting soon and we aren't able to drive after night because of the wildlife here so we had to choose our first destination quickly. We had heard that Wilson's Promontory was a beautiful place to visit so we headed there for our first two nights. 

Check out those trees on our drive in! What a great introduction to the Australian bush. That's what they call it right? It is beautiful here and very warm. We saw signs for Koalas, Kangaroos, and Emus.

We stayed at the Tidal River Campground, which is about 30 minutes into the park. There are several hiking trails near this campground and a beautiful beach. We spent time at Raymond Beach during sunset as well as at Mt Oberon. This is a beautiful national park and we heard from a few people that it's their favorite coastal park in this part of Australia. If we could go back we would plan on staying here a few extra nights to experience other trails and beaches in the park.