Koalas on Raymond Island | Australia

One of the coolest things about traveling in a campervan is the freedom to camp anywhere you'd like! During our road trip from Melbourne to Sydney we stayed in some really incredible places along the coast. My favorite evenings were evenings like this, with no one else around, just us and the Australian bush. Traveling this way was such a unique experience and we would recommend it to anyone who wants to see Australia with their family!

Our campervan rental was from Travellers Autobarn, they are a really fantastic company and have some amazing options for rentals in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, and Perth. We will be renting from them again when we get back to Australia hopefully sometime in 2018! 

We heard from some locals that we had to visit Raymond Island if we wanted to see Koalas. We took a short ferry to Raymond Island and walked around the island for about 2 hours looking for the cute teddy bears in trees. We saw about a dozen total and at the very end we saw a mom and her baby, THE CUTEST! Our only complaint about the island was the number of mosquitoes. I bet Mike and I both had 15+ bites each and that was after applying a load of bug spray. Whitney got away with none, thank goodness! I think it was still worth it to see these amazing animals out in the wild.