Montezuma Castle | Sedona Day 4

We were in Sedona over the 4th of July. Canyon Villa Inn had the perfect breakfast for the holiday! They also had fresh cinnamon rolls everyday.. we ate very well. You'll see lots of photos below of the beautiful red rock in Sedona. I hope that it convinces you to visit because it worth the drive! There are lots of pull out areas for hiking and photography, and the weather is beautiful. Our favorite lookout area was up near the Sedona Airport, the photos of Carly below were taken near there. 

On our way back to Phoenix we stopped to check out Montezuma Castle. These are ancient cliff dwellings in Camp Verde, Arizona. They have a visitors center and a path that makes it's way around the dwellings. It's very educational and neat to learn about the people that lived here between 1100 and 1425 AD. It was fascinating!