First walk | Recovery update

Last weekend I was getting a little stir crazy as you can imagine. I hadn't been out of the house nearly at all in eight days and was dying to go for a walk. Getting out or leaving the house had seemed like a huge task while trying to let my body recover. 

Recovery has been a difficult journey for me so far (as I'm sure it is for all women after giving birth!) I don't think I realized how exhausting the actual labor and delivery would be and with a new baby to care for you don't have the hours to let your body rest and recover. No wonder new moms are so exhausted all the time! I totally understand now! I've also been nursing, pumping, and supplementing with formula (more on that later), all of which keep me up most of the night. After a week or so of doing all of this I think the lack of sleep started catching up to me. I'm doing much better this week since Mike's mother Mary came into town. Having her here during the night to help has been a huge blessing. Also power naps during the day make all of the difference! Mike also helps as much as he can as well. I'm so grateful for him! I know that I need to have more patience with myself and with my body and allow it time to heal. Going for a short walk gave me hope that I'll get to enjoy the outdoors again soon!