Hospital Day 2 | Whitney Walton

It was late in the evening by the time we got settled in our recovery room. Mike set up his bed, or as he calls it, a picnic table with a plastic cover over the top. Between learning how to nurse Whitney and the nurses coming in and out to check on us I don't think that either of us slept much. That was expected though for our first night with the new baby. 

Though in recovery pain I was loving these quiet hours in the hospital. I kept looking over at the basinet in awe that she was finally out of me! I had waited so long to see what she looked like and get to meet her. 

In the morning Mike went with the nurses to give Whitney a bath. She really didn't like her first bath at all, except the end when they washed her head. Mike got a lot of it on video, she's pretty adorable even while crying and clearly not enjoying herself. 

In the morning we had some visitors! This is my grandma Carolyn Schnepf, my mom's mom. Whitney is number 102 in our family. Lot's of grandchildren and great grandchildren! 

Whitney's first time on facetime. We were talking to my sister Tara who lives in Provo. Tara had a baby boy about 3 weeks ago. They are going to be best friend cousins! 

Whitney did really well during her first photoshoot with dad. 

We love our family.