Day 1 at Home | Whitney

We were only in the hospital for one night. Looking back I wish we would have stayed a little longer! There was a lot of information about everything we needed to know and do for Whitney which was overwhelming. I think staying longer would have eased the transition. We left just before midnight on day 2. Our first night was rough! Whitney was up most of the night and seemed to be constantly hungry. I realized that she wasn't get enough from me nursing her so I supplemented with formula and that seemed to help! Poor baby! There was so much to learn with having her home and figuring everything out. I am so grateful that Mike was there to help the whole time! 

I am in love with these photos of our first morning with her at home. She is so tiny in the car seat and getting her dressed was quite the ordeal. Bryce and Elizabeth also came for a visit and brought Esther who is 4 months older than Whitney.