First visit to the pediatrician | Whitney

When we were leaving the hospital we were told that it was very important to visit the pediatrician the next day (Saturday). We hadn't chosen a pediatrician yet so this was a little stressful! Saturday morning Mike got on the phone and called probably a dozen or so offices and all of them were closed! No! Eventually he found an office that was open and would take us that afternoon. Score! Here are some photos of Whitney at only 2 days old at her first doctors visit. I love how new and tiny she looks. 

This was as alert as we had seen Whitney! We had about 15 minutes to wait for the doctor and we were just loving her sweet little face and open eyes! I was so happy that Mike brought his camera. Such sweet moments with our little girl. 

Our Doctor was fantastic! He was so cute with tiny Whitney and had lots of compliments about how good she looked. He said that her skin was beautiful and she had a healthy weight. He told her a couple of times how delicious she was. Was loved him! 

Carly WaltonComment