Sunday Photos | 3 Days Old

Mike went to our church meetings on the Sunday after Whitney was born. It was his first time being away from Whitney. When he came home he said to me, "I'd love to get some photos of me with my daughter". I felt bad for a minute that I hadn't offered sooner to take photos of him with Whitney yet! We had a few of him with her at the hospital but no where near as many photos as we had of me with her! Of course we wanted some of him and her! I also loved hearing him say "my daughter". It just hit me again that we were parents and had waited so long for her to get here! So happy. 

I love how these turned out. I love seeing how tiny she is in his arms. I think he looks like such a proud father and looks so natural with her. 

At first I didn't want to include these photos of me in this post because I don't love how I look. But I realized that it's good to remember those days right after she was born when I was so completely exhausted! And now I like them. Real life!