The Perfect Vacation With an Eight Week Old Baby

Can you tell that we were ready for an adventure?! 

We were so excited to meet up with Mike's brother Scott and his family in Rocky Point. They have four kids and are expecting number 5! Elisha was seven months pregnant though you'd never know because she's incredibly fit. We were impressed with how active she was each morning keeping up with her daily workouts. What an inspiration!! Aren't their kids adorable? 

Look at that adorable face! Oh Sweet Whitney! Whitney had just hit her 8 week mark when we left for Mexico. We were amazed at how well she did on this trip. We bought a small pop up tent for her to nap in and it worked perfectly. We would set it on the ground or on a chair next to the pool and she was in beach heaven. She'd just lay there for the longest time and then fall asleep and wake up when she wanted to eat. It was great! 

This vacation was exactly what we needed after having baby Whitney. We really needed the fresh air after being inside 24/7 with a newborn. It was great to relax next to the ocean and enjoy time with our family.