Zion Ponderosa | Utah

Zion Ponderosa is a resort located a few miles from the east entrance to Zion National Park. This trip was our first trip away from home with Whitney. She was only 5 weeks old! The drive should have taken around 6 hours but it ended up taking 8 hours with the stops for the baby. That's alright though! We were so excited to go somewhere beautiful and be in really cool weather for a few days.

The weather was in the 60's and even colder in the evenings. That sounds warm but we were coming from Mesa so... Our cabin that we stayed in was very cosy! The ranch has several cabins of varying sizes throughout the property. They also have a few areas for "glamping" as well as straight up camping. There is a lodge for checking in and restaurants for eating. Getting around was easy and fun. I wish we could have been there longer!

Whitney slept in the front room on a pad on the floor. It was a rough few nights with her, I think the change in temperature might have thrown her off? We were up several times a night with her and one night Mike even slept next to her and fed her so that I could get more sleep. I was very grateful for at least 4 hours of sleep! 

We spent a day exploring Zion National Park and did a few very short trails. Whitney was still so tiny (5 weeks old!) and not used to being carried around for too long. We took her on the shuttle bus into the park and she slept the entire way. People getting on and off the bus would comment how tiny she was and someone thought she was a doll, ha! It was really fun taking her out and seeing everyone's reactions to such a tiny baby. We loved it. 

The best part about this trip was being out in nature again with Mike and the baby. We had talked for a long time about what it would be like to travel with a baby but really we had no idea what it would take or what it would be like! It was harder than we imagined (the being up all night part) but it was worth it and won't keep us from planning future trips! 

Accommodations: Zion Ponderosa Ranch and Resort