Waikiki Parc | Honolulu, Hawaii

Waikiki was our first stop in Hawaii! We flew from Vancouver on Canada Air and arrived at 8:50PM Whitney did really well on the flight, probably because we had a row to ourselves... every parents dream! 

We stayed at Waikiki Parc Hotel for three nights. We loved the gorgeous views from our balcony! We had no idea we would have such an amazing view! It was a great welcome to the island. The breakfast each morning at the hotel was so delicious! They had a pancake bar and a chef who made the best banana pancakes we've ever had, and I'm seriously not joking. Fresh pancakes and coconut syrup?! I'm getting hungry thinking about it. We were most impressed with their staff, they were all so nice and happy!

On our first day on the island we went for a drive to the East side of Oahu (hoping to hit up some great beaches) Well it started pouring rain on us before we even got out of the car. Ha! We really enjoyed driving around and still managed to see one beach in the rain. Whitney didn't mind the rain or our photo shoots, I think she's used to it by now.

Our second day in Waikiki we went to Waikiki Beach for a few hours in the afternoon, (after we worked all morning on editing, teaching piano, writing, planning, etc.. The beach was just a 10 minute walk from where we were staying, and the water was aaaamazing! So blue and so warm! It is a bit of a challenge being on the beach with Whitney though, not how it used to be before we had a baby, on the beach all lazy and chillaxin. Now that we have Whitney, we watch her every move and make sure she doesn't eat too much sand! Eventually we relocated to the grass so she could crawl around and we could relax a bit.

We had a flight out of Honolulu at 5:15am the next morning (thursday morning) so after the beach we went back to Waikiki Parc, enjoyed an outdoor movie and packed our things. A good start to our time in Hawaii!

Accommodations - Waikiki Parc Hotel
Click here for a discount package from the hotel: use the code: waltons (good through the end of 2017) Discount includes a free room upgrade, a daily American buffet (absolutely amazing food!), and complimentary parking! 
Rental Car - AVIS