New Zealand Road Trip Part 1 | Christchurch to Mt. Cook

Mount Cook National Park! 

Mount Cook National Park! 

New Zealand!!!! We have been planning for this trip and are so excited to finally be here! We will be here for the next four weeks and can't wait to see all of the places we've been researching and dreaming of! 

We landed in New Zealand after 24 hours of traveling from Honolulu. We almost didn't make our flight out of Honolulu (terrible traffic) and because they weren't going to print out boarding passes. Turns out you need a flight out of New Zealand for a visa or they won't let you fly in to the country at all! So we had to purchase a flight out of New Zealand (on our phones) It was super stressful! (Lot's of tears from Carly) Ten hour flight to Sydney, 5 hour layover in Sydney, and then a four hour flight on to Christchurch. 

Our first few days here were spent in the lovely city of Christchurch adjusting to the time zone and exploring the area. The central Christchurch area is a very walkable city we really loved the botanical gardens and all of the old buildings. The city was damaged in 2011 from an earthquake and they are still recovering from the damages. 

Our car rental for the next few weeks is from Travellers Autobarn in Christchurch. They outfitted us with everything we need to camp and cook. We picked up some eggs and pancake mix so that's exciting. 

From Christchurch we drove to Lake Tekapo and spent the night here in our van. There's a campground right off of highway 8 directly next to the Lake Tekapo. We could see the stars when we got in and it was unbelievable. So many stars!! The middle seats in the vehicle reclined back all the way and there are foot rests that come out so it basically turns the seat into a bed! 

Drive from Christchurch to Lake Tekapo

How incredible is this lake? This is what we woke up to! A little chilly outside but not a bad start to our tour of the South Island. Mike thought it would be fun to jump into the lake, he has a thing for jumping into cold water... maybe next time! 

Morning at Lake Tekapo

Morning at Lake Tekapo

Mt Cook is 45 minutes north of Lake Tekapo. We are here now and are staying at Mt Cook Lodge and Motels for three nights. Turns out they are having a marathon here at Mt. Cook this weekend so we are lucky we got a room! Mike is considering running the half so we will see. Incredible mountains are just outside our window and we are a short drive away from some amazing trails. 

Road to Mount Cook

Our constant expression while exploring Mt. Cook. No joke it's some of the most beautiful hiking we have ever done! Can't wait to share more!