Jungle Hike with Incredible Views | Wailua Falls

We had heard from a number of people that we had to visit Kauai during our Hawaii trip. Both of our parents and some siblings have been here and mentioned that it was a tropical paradise. Well we couldn't wait to come to Kauai so we booked the earliest possible flight... Hawaiian Airlines 5:15am! Woot! (This is us being positive about a really dumb mistake, my bad!) Our alarms went off at 3:45am, we kept as quiet as possible to not wake up Whitney and we left for the airport at 4am.. The early flight got us there at 6am ready for the day!

Once we got our rental car we got groceries at Walmart (which was conveniently close to the airport) and headed to Waimea Falls!

We had no idea how hard of a hike it would be to get to the falls so Mike went first to check it out. He popped back up about an hour later very excited to tell me that I had to come with Whitney.

The hike was just as exciting as the falls! Watch the video above to see what a cool trail it was. We said multiple times that it felt like we were in a movie! Oh and swimming around the falls was just wonderful. If you go to Kauai you have to hike down to these falls, it's breathtaking and just incredible.

Whitney was a trooper through it all. The hard part was not being able to let her crawl around and do her thing. She's 7 months now so she really prefers to be on her own, not wrapped to mom or dad's chest. However, we keep hiking with her and hope she lasts. Sometimes it's a challenge but that won't keep us from hiking and exploring, we just deal with it.

I love all of Mike's photos from these falls, so beautiful. It was a great first morning in beautiful Kauai!