Queen's Bath & The Blue Room | Kauai, Hawaii

Both Queen's Bath and The Blue Room are incredible places and are very easy to get to.

The hike to Queen's Bath is about 15 minutes and is beautiful the entire way. We got there just in time for an amazing sunset. There are signs everywhere reminding you how dangerous it is to swim in the area and to use extreme caution, several people have died here. When there are large waves they can come in and pull you out into the ocean. We were grateful that it was a calm day and it wasn't dangerous to jump in the pools! Mike jumped in a few times and we had fun meeting people and watching others jump. You can view Hanalei Bay from here and the coastline, just beautiful.

Our hike our was interesting... Crabs and frogs everywhere! Mike really like toads so we would stop and look at them all the way back. They were pretty cool!

The Blue Room is a bit harder to find. There is a parking lot for Ke'e Beach that you can park at or any of the parking lots near the end of the road. The path is a slightly overgrown trail on the inland side of the road. There is a small place for about five or six cars to park and it's directly to the right of the cars.

The Blue Room it beautiful. After hiking the trail you come to a large cave opening, you can hike down into the cave and see the large pool of crystal clear water. You can swim deep into the cave but we stayed in the outer pool, maybe next time. It was spectacular exploring with the headlamp and goggles. The water was colder than expected but it very refreshing! This is a place we'd like to visit again when Whitney older and she can enjoy the refreshing swim!