The Most Beautiful Trail in the World | Mt Cook National Park

When you come to Mt Cook (because we know you'll have to after hearing about this trail) you have to stay at Mt Cook Lodge and Motel which is in Mt Cook village. We are learning more and more as we travel that it's so much better to be close to the action! The closer you are to activities and hikes, the more likely that you'll do all of them and if you're like us you'll do them two or three times. 

Hooker Valley Track is a 4 hour round trip walking track located north of Mt Cook village. This is the top hike recommended to visitors who come no matter the age. It is an easy walk that has board walks and a wide path. Every corner you turn here you'll have a new incredible view of the mountains, the glacial lake, and suspension bridges. A few times when we would turn we would just stand there with our jaws dropped because of the incredible beauty. 

There are three suspension bridge along the way which are fantastic for photos. So many photo opportunities so it took us closer to 5 hours to complete. 

We hiked the trail on September 20th and the temperature was 8 degrees C 46F. Having just come from Hawaii we were very cold so we bundled up with every layer that we brought. You warm up quickly when you start walking and become distracted by the incredible beauty! 


Mike trail running the same track the very next day. See the chunks in the water behind him? Those are icebergs floating around. So cool! 

We hope to head back to Mt Cook sooner than later. We want to come to New Zealand during each season because we know how drastic the change in the terrain is!