Rainbow Falls | Big Island, Hawaii

We need more time on this island! The Big Island is filled with amazing beaches, waterfalls, trails, and more! We really hope that we can come back next year because it is just amazing. When we told people we were going to visit Hawaii so many people said to go to Kauai or Maui and the big island was rarely mentioned. I'm sure all of the islands are beautiful however we really loved what the big island has to offer! We also really love that it has a more rugged and less touristy feel to it. 

Rainbow Falls is located on the east side of the island closest to the town of Pahoa. Our airbnb was 20 minutes from the falls so that was very convenient! This cool banyan tree is located above and behind the falls and there is a trail that takes you directly there. This is a great place for families with kids as there are guard rails and paths leading around the falls. There is also a large parking lot and facilities. We had a great time!