Sydney Opera House | Australia

The last three days in Australia were spent in Sydney! Mike and I have both spent a lot of time living in big cities. Mike was raised in Vancouver, Canada and I spent five years studying and working in Boston, MA. While we love the outdoors, hiking, and beautiful landscapes, we also love spending time in cities! There is something about the hustle and bustle and business that just makes you feel alive. 

It was here at the Sydney Opera House where Whitney took her first steps! Whitney was just 3 days shy of being 9 months old. She was so active and excited about trying to walk! We thought she chose a great location to test out those legs of hers. 

The sunset along the harbors edge was magnificent. We stood there talking about our experience the last couple of weeks in this exciting country and were so full of joy for everything we had experienced. It was a great way to end our time in Australia!