Volcanoes National Park | Big Island, Hawaii

Ever since Mike was a kid he's been wanting to photograph Volcanoes. I mean it has been a dream of his from the age of 12 to see active volcanoes and be one of those crazy photographers that gets super close to the action. This is the main reason that we came back to Hawaii was so we could spend a bit of time on the Big Island. We had a full week on the big island and being able to visit Volcanoes National Park was the highlight of our time there. 

The first day we went and did a bit of exploring to some lava tubes, the visitors center, and ended our day at the Halema'uma'u crater. The Halema'uma'u crater is currently active, containing a lava lake. What you are seeing here is the glow of the actual lava 270 feet down inside the Crater. We arrived to the Kilauea lookout during sunset and witnessed the sky turning from pink to purple to deep orange as the lava lit the entire sky. It was an incredible experience and one we will never forget! We think Volcanoes National Park might be our new favorite National Park. It's just too bad that you have to travel so far to get there!