Ali and Sara's Desert Palace | Sahara Desert, Morocco

When you think of visiting the Sahara desert in Morocco you might think of riding camels at sunset, berber music by the fire, delicious fresh squeezed juice, and beautiful starry night skies. All of these plus much more was delivered beautifully at Sara and Ali's desert camp in the Erg Chebbi desert in Morocco. After our 2 night stay here all we can say is WOW! We had an amazing experience and will remember it forever! 

If you are planning to visit Morocco and are considering visiting the Sahara desert I'm sure you have read about the long drive it would take to get you here from Marrakech or Fes. It is true that it is quite a journey to get here but we will say over and over again that it is so worth the effort! We took an 11 hour route through the mountains from Casablanca and even though the road was sketchy at times (think construction along windy cliff mountain roads...) we loved driving through the Todra Gorge and unique Berber villages. Whichever route you take you will find amazing sites along the way and plenty of hotels so be sure to give yourself two days for the drive!

The desert camp is located near the town of Merzouga. We loved how helpful the owners were in giving us detailed instructions on where to meet the driver who would take us out to the camp. It also helps that the owners are english so there is no language barrier which is a barrier with many of the other desert camps in the area. 

We arrived to the camp in the evening and were shown our room and given fresh fruit, water, and juice. The staff was friendly and constantly making sure that we had everything that we needed! The staff especially loved Whitney and always wanted to make her laugh and smile (we found this was true all throughout Morocco!) 

You have the option at the camp to take a camel ride and sunset and at sunrise the next morning. Mike did every camel ride which was 4 total and Whitney and I did both of the sunset camel rides. It was so serene and peaceful being out in the middle of these dunes as a family riding camels. I had to pinch myself several times because it didn't feel like real life! We had plenty of time out with the camels for photography and to enjoy the scenery around us. 

After the camel ride in the evening we went back to the camp and had a traditional Moroccan meal. Every meal that we had at the camp was exceptional! The food was prepared fresh and was always so delicious and filling. We were always brought several courses and fed way more than we could handle but who's complaining about that? The cook was always so accommodating in making sure that Whitney had food to eat as well! She loved the fresh fruit and cooked vegetables! We always had fresh salads, soup, bread, fruit, and a traditional tajine dish, at every meal! So much food! 

After dinner you are serenaded by the berber men who play their traditional drumming berber music. We loved it!

If you'd like to stay at Ali and Sara's desert palace you can book them then email Ali directly here be sure to tell them that Mike and Carly say hello! :)

We hope to visit them again when we come back to Morocco in the future!