The Most Beautiful Hike in the Azores | Sunset Point Trail

Hiking on the Azores

When we arrived on the Sao Miguel island we learned quickly that this island was packed full of incredible hiking trails. We spend loads of time looking up photos on instagram and researching blogs about the area. The Azores felt like this hidden gem that we knew so little about and we could not wait to explore and share with others what a beautiful island this was! After doing some research we notices that there was one trail that appeared over and over again that had views that we knew we could not miss! For our first week on the island we spent time exploring some coastal trails and waterfalls in the area which were also breathtaking. Our second week on the island we booked an airbnb that was closer to Sete Cidades which we knew would be a good distance to this hike!

Sunset Point Trail

We don't know the official name of this hike so we named it "Sunset Point Trail".  We parked nearby the trailhead and walked up an easy stairway path to get to the walkway that you see in these photos. It was one of the most incredible experiences being up here as a family experiencing the most beautiful views we've ever seen. I thought I might cry it was so beautiful. I also love how well these photos portray the beauty of the evening! It was just so gorgeous. The only downside was how short the sunset lasted. We were running around taking video and photo trying our best to capture the beautiful lighting (which is common for us during the golden hour). What a beautiful memory of the Sao Miguel Island!

Getting There

It is a bit challenging locating the trail so I've pin pointed the trail on google maps here. You can also go to this link for the location. Thanks to Mike for using the topography of the area to find the trail because it was a challenge to locate! You can park near the trail and go up a stairway to see the views. It is an easy enough hike for all ages to enjoy and is so worth the drive! If you do any hiking in the Azores at all then you should do this one! Let us know if you end up doing this hike!

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