Ocean Thermal Pool | Ponta da Ferraria

A natural hot spring that feeds into an ocean pool?! Count us in! These hot springs at Ponta da Ferraria on the Sao Miguel Island blew us away! The drive alone getting to them was quite a rush (as are many of the roads on the island!) The first time we came to these pools we were prepared to go in the ocean for a nice swim however the Portuguese jelly fish were taking over the pool so we decided otherwise. We came back a week later and there were no jelly fish were in sight! Perfect! Mike went in first while I stayed with Whitney and then I got a turn to go in. It was my first time every in a hot spring and the standard was set pretty high.

If you want to visit Ponta da Ferraria on the Sao Miguel island make sure that you check out the tide charts and go when it is low tide. The timing changes a bit each day but this is important to make sure it's safe enough to swim in the pools. It's also best for photography at low tide to get the waves crashing into the rocks in the area.Also there are bathrooms and changing rooms just outside the pools which is very convenient!