Our Love Story!

Mike and I met at a rock climbing gym in Scottsdale, Arizona. We had some mutual friends and ended up at the gym on the same evening which was pretty incredible since I decided to show up last minute and really didn't go climbing very often. Well, I didn't do much climbing that night but I did have an amazing conversation with this mysterious man Mike Walton! How had we not met before? When I walked into the climbing gym I noticed him right away as he was belaying another girl who I knew, on the other side of the gym. I also quickly noticed he was the only guy in our group who I hadn't met before. 

You know what's funny? We had actually "met" twice before! A few months previous I played piano at an event and Mike actually found me afterwards and told me that he thought I did a great job! (I have no memory of Mike). Our second meeting was a few weeks previous to our rock climbing meeting when we were both at a birthday party and in the same jacuzzi together... I remembered Mike very clearly (he had no memory of me.) It seemed as though we were destined to meet eventually!

I walked up to him at the gym and introduced myself. We chatted for the next 20 minutes or so about photography and travel and my current job teaching music at a high school. We left that night without exchanging numbers. The next day I had the thought that I should look for Mike on facebook and when I opened up facebook I had a friend request and message from him! Fantastic! Mike took me out a few days later and the rest is history... our entire dating story is quite hilarious as it involved two clear break ups before our engagement. Check out this video that we made for our wedding reception if you want to hear us tell the story!