This is Why We Travel


We spent two weeks on the beautiful Sao Miguel Island on the Azores. We are currently a full-time traveling family so it's important for us to have enough time in each location so we really get to see an area without feeling too rushed. This usually means that we are in each country between 2-4 weeks. We could have spent so much more time on this beautiful island!

On this particular day we had been working most of the day on the music studio and on some photography editing. Just before sunset Mike said we should go for a drive. We headed up a road near our Airbnb that led towards the Sete Citades area and turned off on a dirt road. This road led us up and up and up a mountain and at times I was sure it wasn't a road for car but a path for hikers! Thank goodness Mike is such a confident and awesome driver because he knew exactly what he was doing. Grateful for that. Right at sunset and timed perfectly we pulled over near these hills and climbed out for some family photos.

We travel for moments like these. Moments when we stumble upon something beautiful and we get to experience it together. Moments when no one else is around and no one else matters. We travel because it allows us to spend real quality time together experiencing God's creations. We travel for the memories and experiences that we will never forget.