Jet Lagged in Portugal

We spent the last three months in Vancouver, Canada living with Mike's parents. We used this time to plan for our 2018 travels and to create an online music course for music teachers. After finishing the course in March we were ready for a full year of travel around the world! Our first destination is Sao Miguel island on the Azores.

Flying from Vancouver, Canada to the Azores took us about 10 hours of flight time with an overnight layover in Toronto. Whitney was only 13 months old and it had been a couple of months since we had done any long flights with this active little one. For long flights with her we always plan to do a lot of walking up and down the isles and mingling with other passengers, you have to plan on this when traveling with a baby! Whitney is a cutie so we knew that she would help us make friends with the flight attendants and other kids on the flight! Always a plus! She did great on the flights over to the Azores! We ended up having an extra seat for her to watch Peppa Pig on the ipad which made the time go by quickly.

We arrived early on Sunday morning on the Sao Miguel Island which is the largest island of the Azores. We picked up our rental car and drove out to our Airbnb rental which was on the north side of the island in Achadinha. We knew that we needed to try to stay awake most of the day to help with the jet lag but we couldn't do it! We hadn't slept in more than 24 hours and were exhausted after the long journey from Vancouver. 

The next few days were rough to say the least. We were in a one bedroom home so we had Whitney in our room with us. We would try to put her to sleep at her normal bedtime hour and she'd sleep for about 1 hour and then wake up hysterical, crying, and wanting to play. We would get her out of her crib and try to comfort her and get her back to sleep but she would never have it! It would end up taking around 3-4 hours each night before she was tired enough to lay down and go to sleep. Poor girl. Finally by night 7 Whitney was able to sleep mostly through the night. Wow! What a challenging week! 

Even with the jet lag we all got some sleep even if it meant sleeping in with Whitney after she finally went to bed. We really took advantage of the afternoon hours when all of us were awake and feeling well! Here are some photos from the coast during our first week on Sao Miguel!