Luxury Hotel Sahrai | Fes, Morocco

We wanted to experience a hotel in Fes that was in the new part of the city. Hotel Sahrai is in a fantastic location that is in close proximity to the Medina with some really spectacular views of the city at any time of day. The Hotel reached out to us and wanted us to come and stay a few days to experience some of the hotel amenities including their pools, restaurant and spa. After traveling through Morocco for the previous three weeks this invitation came at the perfect time. We were so glad we went!

A few things that we loved about Hotel Sahrai

  • The views - Many of the rooms on the upper floors offer amazing views of the infinity pool below and the Fes, Medina. The terrace on the rooftop restaurant has an even more spectacular view of the Medina.

  • Swimming pools- Hotel Sahrai has the perfect child size pool and luxurious infinity pool! Whitney hasn't spent a lot of time in pools so this was perfect for her!

  • Givenchy Spa - Mike and I would have spent our entire day here if we could! The hotel treated us to a few spa treatments that were incredibly relaxing and needed after spending a week in the desert camp. Mike had a full body massage and I had a facial and pedicure. So wonderful!

  • Staff - From the moment we arrived we felt completely taken care of by the hotel staff. They all spoke english and were able to help us with everything that we needed. Traveling with a baby means that you often need a few extra things and the staff was always willing to accommodate us, they were wonderful!

  • Atmosphere - Often when you travel to a new country you'll notice a distinct smell in the cities, restaurants, and many hotels that starts to permeate your clothing and sometimes your hair, you know what I'm talking about right? It was so incredible to go into this hotel and feel fresh and clean again! Seriously whatever they are using throughout their rooms to clean the air and freshen the smell was just amazing. The atmosphere in general was relaxing, welcoming, and truly wonderful.

Mike's Photoshoot with the Chef

The chef at the hotel restaurant had an upcoming feature in a magazine and the hotel hired Mike to do a photoshoot with him for the article. Mike had a lot of fun getting to know the chef and learning about some of these unique award winning dishes that the chef prepared. We even got to try to the food after the photoshoot. 

If you can't tell by now how much we loved this place then let me tell you, we loved it! Hotel Sahrai has everything you need if you're hoping to experience a getaway in Fes that's is close enough to the Medina to truly have a cultural experience. As always we just wish that we could have stayed a bit longer! Feel free to ask us any questions about our stay or for other suggestions about places to visit in Fes.