Baby Gender Reveal | We Didn't Want to Find out!

This gender reveal experience is one that will always make me laugh! During the pregnancy so far we were planning to NOT find out the gender and waiting until the baby was born. We thought this would be really fun and exciting! Mike was more eager to do this than I was which makes our gender reveal even funnier... 

When we found a doctor to visit in Spain we were really excited to go and get an ultrasound. We wanted to know that the baby was healthy and that everything was looking good. On the morning of the doctors appointment we decided that we wanted the doctor to write down the gender for us "just in case" we decided to do a gender reveal in a few months from now. At this point we did not know whether or not we were going to find out at all! During the ultrasound Mike was taking some video and I was enjoying watching the little baby move around. At the very end of the ultrasound the tech showed the report up on the screen (a very large screen) and said "everything looks great!" The report was in Spanish so I really didn't understand most of it until I saw in the upper right corner "sexo - feminino". Whaaaaat! I couldn't believe I saw it! I just kept quiet as what I saw started to register. I think I got a little teary eyed but I didn't know if Mike also saw and I didn't want him to know that I knew! It was wonderful to know and hilarious that I knew and Mike didn't!

When Mike and I got out to the car we were talking about the ultrasound when I told him that I accidentally saw the gender! He was in total shock and a little bit bummed out that I knew! Who wouldn't be? The next day when we were visiting Mijas we decided to do a gender reveal for Mike. It was really fun and we loved how the video turned out! We are mostly excited to be welcoming a baby girl to the family. We were shocked that it's a girl because we both thought it would be a boy. Such a fun surprise!

You can watch the full gender reveal video here!