We are Having Another Baby! Pregnancy While Traveling

The three of us in Morocco when I was 17 weeks pregnant. 

The three of us in Morocco when I was 17 weeks pregnant. 

Finding Out

This has been a very challenging secret to keep! We are so excited to announce that our second baby is due in the middle of October! October 19th to be exact. If this baby is anything like Whitney then they may show up exactly on their due date. We had plans to do our baby pregnancy reveal photo with a camel ever since we decided to come to Morocco a few months ago. Getting this specific photo with the camel in the right positioning was pretty challenging! I was trying to move the camel around and it wasn't working out too well. Our Berber guide was there and he did a better job of positioning the camel than I did! hah! (see photo below)

We found out that we were pregnant in the middle of February. I was about 5 weeks along when I took a pregnancy test and couldn't believe that we were expecting! We had decided we wanted to have another baby about two months earlier and had no idea it would happen so quickly. We recognize and understand that there are many couples that struggle with infertility and we are so grateful that we are able to have children. We know that we are blessed!

Telling Our Family

We told our family members via Skype that we were expecting when I was about 8 weeks pregnant! It was the most fun telling my sister Catie that we were expecting because we recently found out that she is also expecting! Our babies will be just 2 weeks apart. All of our family members were so excited for us and also curious as to how having another baby was going to effect our travels! My mom and Mike's mom were nervous for me because they knew that I was very sick when I was pregnant with Whitney. I was worried about that as well. At the time we didn't have plans for where we'd have the baby so we just told them that we would plan along the way and make sure that we had doctors to go to everywhere that we visited. Our mothers trust us :)

First Appointment

I wanted to make sure that I saw a doctor in Washington or Vancouver before we left for the Azores. At 9 weeks I drove down to Bellingham to see a doctor. The clinic was great and the doctor was very helpful in helping me plan the next few months of pregnancy and travel. She did an ultrasound and checked the babies heart. We talked about risks of traveling and what my pregnancy should look like compared to Whitney's pregnancy and my health. We talked about medications and vitamins and other things I would want to have handy. I think that it's important to say that we would have changed our travel plans if we felt unsure about my health or the health of the baby in any way. I had no previous health conditions or concerns and was on no medication. My pregnancy and delivery with Whitney was smooth sailing (other than nausea) so I was confident that I would be able to travel while pregnant. We also chose places to visit where we knew there would be doctors and hospitals available to us if we needed them. Turns out there are doctors everywhere in the world! Fantastic! I always look up local doctors and hospitals wherever we are even if we are in a place for a couple of days. This gives us piece of mind if we are ever in an emergency situation. This is also something that I would do while traveling pregnant or not. 

Pregnancy and Travel

Weeks 10 - 15 of travel were spent in the Azores and Madeira, both islands in Portugal. During this time I had regular nausea, however, I wasn't throwing up daily. I had to make sure that I ate the moment I woke up in the morning and was eating regularly throughout the day. The hardest part of traveling during this time was making sure that we always had food on hand. The hunger would come so quickly and sometimes we were out on a trail or in the airport and I'd have to quickly find something to help! It's amazing what our bodies go through while building a human! Exercising in the mornings and doing yoga really helped me relax and helped a bit with the sickness. 

Weeks 16-19 were spent in Morocco. I was much better during these weeks than I was in the beginning! I experienced very little to no nausea. I did however have really bad cramping mostly in the evenings. This would also come out of no where and there wasn't much that I could do about it! I remember one night when were driving from Casablanca to the Sahara on windy steep roads and I had the WORST cramping. It was difficult to breathe and I couldn't get comfortable. There wasn't anything we could do about it other than try keep my mind off of it. Mike is great at distracting me when I'm sick and making me laugh :) Once again, another crazy pregnancy symptom that you just have to deal with!

We are currently in Marbella, Spain and I'm 20 weeks pregnant! Almost halfway! We were anxious to get to Spain so that we could find a good doctor who spoke English here. We went to the doctor and had an ultrasound last week and it was so great! It was a huge relief for us to see and hear that everything is looking good for the little baby! As far as symptoms, I'm currently getting daily headaches in the afternoons and I constantly crave sugary foods. Candy, ice cream, cereal, I want it all! I haven't started craving ice chips yet but I'm assuming that it will come as it did when I was pregnant with Whitney. 

We need to see another doctor when I'm 26 weeks pregnant to have the glucose test done and check for diabetes. We will likely be in the UK during this time so I'll find a doctor when we are there. So far we are happy with how this pregnancy is going while being on the road. I was nervous about it in the beginning however we are feel blessed to be healthy and have a healthy growing baby.


We have been going back and forth a lot about where we would like to deliver our baby! We are deciding between a specific country (which we will leave unnamed for now) or going back to the US for the delivery. We have chosen a location abroad that we are currently researching and planning for however everything is not confirmed just yet. We want what will be best for us, the baby, and for our continued work during our three-four month stay in that location. We will be making that decision within the next month and will be letting our friends and family know soon!

Health Insurance

We use Christian Healthcare Ministry for our health insurance. We used CHM (Christian Healthcare Ministry) before was started traveling and continued using them when we left the states for world travel. We love CHM as it offers us coverage no matter where we are in the world. As members of CHM we have a small monthly "gift" amount that we give online which allows us to submit our medical bills and be reimbursed later. Once we submit our bills or our needs it takes about four months from that time to be fully reimbursed. You can submit maternity bills early if you want to prepay your labor which is exactly what we did with Whitney. We received a check in the mail covering 100% of the cost of her delivery before she was even born. It was so fantastic. Our experience with CHM has been nothing but positive. I've called in a few times to ask questions about a bill or coverage and everyone I have spoken with is incredibly nice and helpful! We even got a congratulations call after we had Whitney and a gift for her in the mail. It was so sweet!

One thing I should mention about CHM is that they are technically not insurance. It is a private paying group that reimburses for medical bills. However it still counts as medical insurance when doing taxes in the US. This means that for any incident we encounter we have to pay out of pocket for the doctor expenses. Patients who are self paying and don't have insurance are typically offered an incredible discount and most doctors offices so this has made it affordable for us! We recommend CHM to everyone because it's an amazingly affordable health care alternative! We currently pay $245 monthly and that's including my full maternity care. 

If you want to sign up for CHM be sure to give them my name and member number as we receive a credit for everyone that we refer! We would recommend them to anyone, they are incredible! Member # 232493 Check out their website here http://www.chministries.org/