We Traveled to London, Luggage Free!

Luggage Free reached out to us and asked if we wanted to test out their service, this is our review.

Our typical travel day includes packing and gathering all of our things in packing cubes, packing two suit cases to the very brim, making sure we have all of our camera gear and cables, and getting to the airport with all of our items including our luggage, baby cot, stroller, car seat, and carrier! You probably get the picture... our travel days are exhausting! Because of this we are always looking for ways to make travel more enjoyable!

Luggage Free reached out to us about trying out their luggage shipping service, a service that picks up your luggage and other items from your home or hotel and delivers them directly to your next location for you! Say what!? This means they will deliver to a hotel, cruise ship, bungalow on the beach, you name it! Isn't that awesome? You get to travel to the airport and board your flight LUGGAGE FREE!

We were in Switzerland and decided to see how well Luggage Free could manage getting our bags to London! The booking process with Luggage Free was convenient and easy through their website, we booked them 4 days before our departure date. On our day of travel we enjoyed watching the shipping service come and pick up our things! We waved goodbye and then had an amazing travel day with no luggage. When we landed in London we didn't spend 45 minutes waiting for our luggage to arrive on the carousel, instead we went straight through customs and on to the train! We spent 2 nights in London without our luggage and then our bags arrived at our door step on the third day. We knew that it would take three days to arrive and they were right on time. We had packed a few outfits in our carry on backpacks to get us by for a few days. Luggage Free can definitely pick bags up before the departure date and get the bags there upon arrival, our situation made it so we would need our bags up until our travel day.

We also wanted to mention how great and responsive customer service was with any questions we had. They were quick to respond and also updated us throughout the process. Now we just need to figure out how to use Luggage Free for every travel day, wow it would make our lives a whole lot easier!

We are excited to share a special coupon code for booking with Luggage Free!  Just use code: walton25 for $25 off your shipment and enjoy traveling Luggage Free!