Beginner piano guide 1 - 7 pages

Beginner piano guide 1 - 7 pages


7 page complete lesson 1 guide. This piano guide is perfect for every beginner! This guide contains everything that I typically teach during a first lesson. Learn about notes on the piano, piano finger numbers, notes on the staff, and more. This is everything you need to know to start teaching yourself how to play. Also included are printable flashcards for you to print and start practicing your notes right away!

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Whatโ€™s included in this guide!

Lesson 1 - Notes on the keyboard - learn all about the musical alphabet and how it looks on the piano

Lesson 2 - Finger numbers

Lesson 3 - Notes on the staff, learn your treble and bass clef notes and great ways to memorize them!

Lesson 4 - Notes above and below the staff

Worksheet pages

Printable flash cards